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Privacy Policy
PT RTI Infokom ("we" or "us") respects your privacy. This Privacy Policy covers our policies and procedures for data collection, transmission, and storage from users of RTI Finance.
Collection of Personal Information
We do not collect your personal identity and any personally identifiable information related to your device. RTI Finance is provided as a free service with no membership registration required. RTI Finance store your stock browsing history, stocks list, indices list, and currency list in your device. These information are sent to server whenever RTI Finance is retrieving latest information to determine which information need to be delivered. These information are for communication purpose only and are not recorded on server.
Usage of Stored Information
Stored stock browsing history will be utilized to help RTI Finance to provide a more convenient searching experience by displaying relevant search results based on your previously opened stocks. This information is stored only in your device.
Security and Disclosure of Information
While communicating with server, RTI Finance may sends your stocks list, indices list, currency list, or your current page. These information are sent over the network unencrypted. Third party might get access to these information if they are able to intercept the network packets. However, no sensitive information are sent over the network.
Changes to Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy may be changed or modified from time to time with or without notice. We recommend that you review this Privacy Policy periodically to learn of any such changes to this Policy.


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